Day 22 - Last Days

Our last full day in LA with the bike started with another run to WingStuff to pick up a part that wasn't ready the first visit.  The freeways were just as quick as before, but we are getting used to them now.  Get in the car pool lane - bikes are allowed - ramp up the speed to 80mph or so and you are there in no time.  Just be on the lookout for when it all comes to a complete stop from time to time.  Easy huh?

After picking up our bits, we made our way to Huntington Beach Honda.  I had a t-shirt given to me when we first got the GL1500, with a 1500 on the front.  We hoped to get an upgraded version.  Sadly, they do not sell them any more, but they were very happy to have a couple of Aussies spin a few yarns about GoldWings and Australia and gave us a few of their promotional t-shirts.  Sadly not GoldWing oriented.  They did have six beautiful new 'Wings standing on the showroom floor, from the run-out 2007 dark grey going out at $20, 790, to the gorgeous candy-red, fully-loaded 2008, complete with airbag and integrated GPS navigation, at a mere $25,000.

Instead of returning on the freeways, we decided to follow the coast back up to Redondo Beach.  We took in Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Sunset Beach, Los Angeles Harbour, San Pedro and the Palos Verdes area just south of Redondo.  It was a nice clear day so everything looked good.

By then it was time to return to the motel and get the bike returned to standard form and clean it up.  That took a while.

Tomorrow will be all returning bike, re-packing and getting to the airport, so this will most likely be the last entry for this blog.  We hope you have enjoyed sharing our experiences and have loved all your feedback and good wishes.

To our American friends, Jack, Dave, Deane and Dennis, thanks for your help and friendship while we were visiting your fair shores.  You know you are welcome any time you decide to visit ours.

To American people in general, although you may never read this, thanks for your hospitality.  We have found you to be friendly and accommodating, happy to help out whenever we were confused over your money system, tipping conventions or driving protocols.  I think the Aussie flag on the bike helped.

To John and Kaz - thank you very much for all your planning and effort you put in to this holiday.  It has been a special time for us and something we might not have thought to do ourselves.  We are glad you did.

Here's the last lot of pics:

Check out all the pretty bikes
Something we'll never see at home $20,799 price tag
The 2008 airbag  and GPS model  Note the changed control positions and large screen..
Huntington Beach accommodation.
A very neat area
The Spanish theme is everywhere - of course
Neat, even with drilling rigs offshore and an oilfield right next door.
if you look over the fence
Some of the architecture is different though
At least he's wearing a helmet
White Island
Long Beach has some very high rise accommodation
Vincent Thomas Bridge
The Palos Verdes estates look quite nice
...except this part where land slippages seem to be causing problems
But it isn't deterring new homes being built
This chopper hovered here for half an hour while we had coffee nearby
Lots of land not built on, but it might not be too stable.
Looking north to LA
Gum trees and USA flags.
More eucalypts - they're everywhere.
Returning to the motel for the final time
We're heading back that way tomorrow
Gazing at a Redondo Beach sunset - bike all cleaned up, ready to be returned.
All our tracks from the GPS 4400 miles