Day 20 - LA, visit to WingStuff

After all our days of travel, it was great to have a bit of a lie-in.  But it was not quite that easy as John had made arrangements to go visit WingStuff.  WingStuff is a store that sells all the extras one could ever want for GoldWings.  Normally they are quite available online at but we thought as we were in the area, we might as well drop in.  Kaz decided to take the morning off and stayed in their motel, rehydrating after several hot drying days.

It was a fifty mile hike along the freeways.  I think I already mentioned they travel fast.  Still do. 

Shopping for GoldWing bits is great online, but being there in a store with everything on display adds a dimension.  First thing Charleen and I saw was some great Joe Rocket GoldWing summer jackets.  Trying them on rather than wondering until it arrives is much better.  We wandered around the store picking up this and that and ended up buying several hundred dollars worth of goodies.  Way way too easy.

Then it was lunch time and as we hadn't tried it yet, went to a McDonalds.  Just out of curiosity to see how they differ from home.  Turns out they are a lot more basic here.  No McCafe.  No wrap meals.  But they do have the soda fountain that all fast food stores here have.  We see them in a few stores, but here, they're everywhere.  Apart from that, the burgers are much the same as everywhere.

Then it was the freeway back again to our area and John came in to our motel to do an exchange of photos for the holidays, then went back 'home'.

For the rest of the afternoon we went shopping, checking out different stores and generally having a lazy time.  For tea, we went the 8 miles to J&K's motel and had pizza for tea in the well appointed lounge.  Naturally we wore our new jackets.

Not really any photos for today, just showing off our jackets:

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