Day 18 - Las Vegas

I'm a couple of days late, I know.  But we have been busy having fun.

Lets see - Sunday 16th.  It was my birthday.  We decided to go for a walk for brekkie and made a small mistake.  We went out the back of the hotel onto the rear street.  Industrial Road.  Great to drive as there's no traffic, but a long way to walk around the block.  It was that fifty acre block I mentioned before.  That's when we fund out how big it is.  Oh well a Sunday morning walk did us good.  We found a coffee shop and had a bite to eat, then walked back up The Strip to our hotel.  This time on the other side of the street to keep out of the sun.  One thing we found very annoying were the touters, or greeters, or spruikers, whatever.  People who step in front and try to get you into their store.  It turned us right off and a couple of times we went to go in to a store, but got so annoyed by them, we didn't.   That'll learn 'em.    Then there's the card flickers.  But that was later.

Back at the hotel we booked our tickets for the show that night, then went for a ride to find the hotel in the daytime.  Found it easily - GPS is a boon.  Then went over to Paris and parked the bike and went in to find John & Kaz.  If we thought Circus Circus was big, Paris was at least twice as large and they have virtually re-created Paris itself fully under cover, but with a blue sky and clouds, painted on the ceiling.  Oh and probably a few more gaming machines than one would normally find on the streets of the real Paris.

We found them then went for a walk over to Bellagio and Caesars Palace.  There's aero-bridges across the street with moving walkways.  Bellagio had a flower display which looked nice.  Then out the front where we picked up a couple of Marguerites and continued in to Caesars.  Again, they have done a Vegas version of a city, this time Rome, with Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, and Trojan horse.  Just like the real thing!!??

The one thing that amazed us the whole time was that all of this - and we barely scratched the surface - was paid for by people gambling.  Hard to comprehend.

After that we split up and the boys went shopping while the girls went and got on the grog.   Something like that anyway.  Mind you our shopping was in the Harley Cafe, then a cap for John, then a couple of beers.  Any time we went in to the street, being two blokes without women, the card flickers were on to us.  Another annoying part of The Strip - flicking their cards with girls' phone details in our faces.   Whilst we were putting up with this, Charleen and Kaz found a shop called Margueritaville, then went up the Eiffel Tower.  We met back at J&K's room, and what a room.  Very well appointed and with a great view of the strip and Bellagio's amazing fountain display across the road.

Here's the thing.  If you are going to go to Las Vegas, you aren't going to be there too long.  No one can afford that.  So for the short time you will be there, get the better class of room at the better hotel.  Sure it costs more, but the inclusions often cancel out the extra money anyway.  And like I say, you aren't going to be there long so make it a good one.

We made our way back to our hotel, by way of Industrial Road - much quicker than The Strip - and got ready to go out.  Back to the off-strip Rio Casino which includes the Penn and Teller Theatre, our venue for the evening.  J&K were going to a Cirque du Solais show, the O Show.  We had to pick up out tickets at 7pm and the sho wasn't until 8:30 so we went into Buzio's Seafood Restaurant and had probably the best seafood meal ever.  Started off with scallops, which we shared, then I had Atlantic salmon and Charleen Californian crab salad.  Both were excellent, the fish cooked to perfection and the service was immaculate.  Mind you it wasn't cheap - but that's Vegas for you.

The Penn and Teller show was a hoot.  With comedy, juggling and magic tricks, along with their sceptical messages, I loved every minute.  A great birthday present.

To finish off the night, we went for a ride up to Fremont Street to get a look at the light show.  But it was getting very late and we weren't really game to leave the bike unattended.  So we cruised past the entrances to the mall and it all looked very impressive.  Then back to the hotel to pack up to be ready to leave first thing in the morning.  Got to bed around 2am.

Here's the pics:

Outside view of Paris
Display in Bellagio Hotel
Us in the display
Tree man and pumpkins
Who said I had too many Margueritas?
One of the "musts" when in Caesars Palace
Bikes - that's better
How's this for flash?
Kaz and John make the most of their room.

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