Day 16 - North Rim to South Rim

Well, We've had some great views out the motel windows, but this is the view today for doing the update:

Not bad huh?

Actually, we can see pretty much the same view from the room window, but this is out the front on the edge.
Still no wireless here so I won't be able to update the site until we get into Las Vegas tomorrow.

Only a short day today.  Actually we've ended up only 10 miles from where we started, but it took us 217 miles to get here.  Something about a canyon..........

Our day started out with a pre-sunup walk out to Bright Angel Point to watch the sun rise, saying doot n doo doo, of course. (From Abbey Road - Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles).  A few photos and return to our room.

We had brekkie in the dining room and this time it was light outside, and John worked his magic and got us a window-side table.

Back on the road again and today we were leading.  The video camera is strapped to J&K's bike for the day and "Rough Blue" will get filmed.  We travelled back along the beautiful Hwy 67.  I say beautiful because the scenery was nice and the road very smooth with delightful curves, labelled at 45mph but we took at 70mph.

Then it was down the hill on Hwy 89A and head south along 89 until we hit the turn-off to Grand Canyon South Rim, Hwy 64.  Shortly after we stopped at a scenic viewpoint overlooking Little Colorado River.  We had to pay to go in, a whole $2 for four of us.  We had a look in the deep canyon and also the Navajo jewellery and pottery on display.  We would have loved to bring home some of the pottery, the artwork was exquisite, but it was not possible.

It wasn't long after we came to the National Park entrance, showed our passes and in we went.  First stop was an overlook of the canyon at an old tourist trap called The Watchtower.  We had some ice creams and a look through the old stone building.  It was apparently built to look rustic and looks the part.  Then the road took us west along the rim with glimpses over the side every so often, 23 miles to out digs. 

J&K are in the flash El Tovar Hotel and we are in the not quite so flash, but still nice Thunderbird Lodge.  The lodge is right on the rim and this is where I started this entry, sitting on the edge.

Not a great deal of pics today:

Charleen greets the morning sun
And it sheds its light on the canyon tops
J&K, say farewell to North Rim
The Aspen trees are just beginning to turn
Back along that lovely smooth road
Two Harleys up ahead.  Don't worry DonC, we overtook them.  Want to see the video?
The Little Colorado River cuts deep into the ground.
Charleen bravely stands above it all
This shows how the canyon digs in to the surrounding plain.
The Watchtower. Built as a tourist attraction, personally, I think it is ugly.
The view of the Colorado River almost a mile below is much better
Some Hoki Indian artwork inside the tower.
J&K say hello to the South Rim
So does MMbear
You can get a train to the Canyon.

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