Day 1 - Flights

Well we made it as far as Auckland.  The flights changed and we were in a Jumbo instead of the promised 777.  Looks like we might have one from here on in.  Air NZ is good so far.  Nice cheery staff.

Charleen and the bears on the 747 1st leg

Long way to go yet though.

Well we made it to our Motel in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles. 23 hours of total travel time which included a four hour wait at Brisbane airport, a 90 minute stopover in Auckland, a half hour taxiway to the LAX terminal and a fun ride with a great cabbie through the streets of South LA. (Yes I almost tried to get in the driver's door) Checked in at 2pm local time.

We did get the 777 for the Auckland-LA leg and it was nice and new, but not quite as roomy as the old Jumbo. The Air NZ people are great and looked after us very well. In flight entertainment was extensive and the food excellent. Good thing I like lamb though. All in all very happy with the service.

Only funny happening was at Brisbane airport. Two flights were merged into one and resulted in lots of people queued at check-in. A bloke with a Kiwi accent turned and said, "I feel like a sheep." I said, "Well mate, you're going to the right place." Don't think he saw the joke, but Charleen and I had a giggle.

Very few photos yet but we will go out this afternoon for a look around this area. We have been advised to not sleep until 10pm to orientate our body clocks.

I'm feeling OK, a bit like doing an overnight in a garbage truck to Sydney after being up all day, then having to negotiate public transport and airports to get back home. Only difference is we are now about 12,000km out of kilter and the sun is still high in the sky.

OK - Went for the beach walk.  We are a danger to ourselves as pedestrians.  Takes constant vigilance to make sure we are looking in the correct direction to cross the road.

We're on our way
There's our Jumbo
This is how to work the remote
Is that Nicholas Cage?
Try for some sleep now
Looking tired after a long flight
Redondo Beach looking North
Looking South
Police ST1300
Check out the weapon!!!
Nice bloke - His name is Chuck (what else?)
Check out the Fire Truck.  Rear steerer and all. 
Walking down to watch the sunset
Redondo Beach Sunset
Bye Sun - Australia is over there
Sitting on Redondo Beach

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