1991 MY Series Brumby "Red Rova"

Engine: EA81 1800 Carburetted
Gearbox: 4 Speed Manual dual range 4WD.
Standard: air con; carpets
Extras: 3 inch lift kit; limited slip diff; alloy bullbar; CB Radio; Rag top canopy; false floor; truck battery with low voltage cut-out switch for Engel fridge
Wheels: 205x70 tyres on 14 inch pressed steel rims (extra wide high profile)

Red Rova
Red Rova being used as Santa's Sleigh at a Club Christmas Party

This was my all time favourite car. Just a couple of years old when purchased in 1993. It was in excellent condition and handled beautifully. A little of the handling ability was lost when the 3" lift was added but this coupled with the LSD made it a great off road machine. It was intended to be our getaway car and we planned to travel all over Australia with it. The false floor meant we carried two levels of gear and this included 5 jerry cans across the back (level with the filler for easy syphoning) for a total of 155 litres. After a couple of trips we decided to start a tour Business, C2C Tours, and still used Red Rova for all the recon trips. Sadly, when we bought the big OKA, we had to sell off this great little car.
One little quirk Red Rova had was it liked to run on the higher octane (and more expensive) premium unleaded PULP fuel. We put this down to it being the old style EA81 pushrod engine which was originally designed for super, but being a later than 1986 model was required by law to use unleaded.

At Toompine (SW Qld) after a bit of muddy road.  This and the one below show the rag canopy we added for the 1993 Across Australia trip.

At Jackie Junction on the old Gunbarrel Highway