1980 MY Series Wagon

Engine: EA81 1800
Gearbox: 4 Speed Manual dual range 4WD.
Standard: Very
Extras: 3 inch lift kit; chopped front guards; alloy bullbar; long range fuel capacity (100 Litres); CB Radio; Dual battery system with isolator.
Wheels: Peugeot 504 rims usually with 185x70x14.
After the sedan (Murphy II) died in 1987, it was time to return to a wagon body, so I bought this one from a mate. It was in beautiful condition to look at but had at one stage been fully submerged in sea-water. All under the bonnet, inside and underneath was salt encrusted and didn't work.
We stripped it completely and bathed it in fisholine (stinks but works). Then did a complete rebuild with all the gear out of the sedan including running gear, engine, dash and all interior except rear seats and roof lining. Had the front guards cut while this was being done (stops the dents forming over the front wheel arches).
The above pic shows off the guard cuts and underneath you can see the extra rubber flaps to protect the rear CV boots.
After this rebuild was done, we strapped on a roof rack, put two kids (9,11) and lots of gear on board and went out and led the Subaru Club across the Simpson Desert, 630km of sand dunes.
We did a lot of Outback trips in this car as well as it being my daily ride until 1993 when we upgraded to Red Rova.